Thursday, January 17, 2008

Issues with Delegates in a Mixed Outlook 2007 Environment

I was working on an issue that was raised in one of the technical forums recently involving strange behaviour with the delegates feature in a mixed Outlook 2007 and earlier Outlook versions environment.

In previous versions of Outlook the delegate option was compatible between versions. For example a manager could run Outlook 2003 whilst their delegate could run Outlook 2002 and everything functioned normally.

With Outlook 2007 this mixed version compatibility is no longer available. If a manager is using Outlook 2007 and wishes to make use of the delegate option their delegate must also run Outlook 2007.

As always there is an exception to this. If either the manager or delegate are using Entourage 2004 a mixed version option is possible.

Further Information
The delegates and the manager must all use Outlook 2007 when you use delegates in Outlook 2007

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