Friday, February 22, 2008

Number of named properties reached the quota limit (10026) – Event ID 9667

I came across this question on one of the forums and found that it was not documented in many places. As a result I though posting it here may help someone else in the future.

Event ID: 9667Failed to create a new named property for database "Storage Group1\General (TDEX01)" because the number of named properties reached the quota limit (10026). User attempting to create the named property: "besadmin" Named property GUID: 00020386-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 Named property name/id: "X-EN"

I have not had to complete this operation myself and I would therefore consider calling MS PSS as I think they have a registry fix for this however it does not seem to be publically available. I have read in other posts that this registry fix for Exchange 2007 works fine in earlier versions of Exchange however I would seriously consider confirming this directly with MS before try it or at a minimum make sure everything is backed up and verified before making the change on Exchange 2003.
How to configure quota settings for named properties and for replica identifiers in Exchange Server 2003 and in Exchange Server 2007
How to Configure Named Properties and Replica Identifier Quotas for Exchange 2007 Databases
Further Information
Event ID 9667 named properties for exchange database has reached the quota limit

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