Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free SQL Server Training available..... at your desk!

I've been doing some downloading, reading and viewing of some great free SQL Server training lately. If you are interested in learning more about SQL server however either don't have the $$$ or the time to attend training then this may be useful for you also.

SQL Bits is a SQL Server community group that's been put together by a bunch of talented SQL community members for the benefit of the community. They deliver SQL server training in the UK however the really great thing is that you can view and download lots of the sessions and slides decks for the past events for free.


Quest Software also have available online until the 23rd August 2010 the sessions they recently recorded on SQL performance tuning, management and troublehsooting. There is some fantastic information available and even though Quest sell management tools for SQL (plus other) these sessions are not sales pitches. I'd encourage those that may be interested in checking them out. They include some of the best SQL minds in the community including Kevin KlineBuck Woody from Microsoft and Brent Ozar (recent addition to the SQL MCM community and now working over @ SQLSkills).

Virtual Training for SQL Server Perf Mon and Wait Events

If you miss the deadline for the online sessions you can order a DVD if you are in the US from Quest.

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